Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back in Louisiana

I have to say that this has been a good and bad thing for us. As much as we both are glad to get back to our seemingly quiet neighborhood, unlike the apartment in Petersburg, we are sad because we are back to where it takes a good drive to get anywhere. We both have felt as if over the last 3 months we were spoiled with the restaurants we were able to visit. Our date nights were full of variety. I am going to try and recap some of them for you now...I know I should have been doing this over the last 3!

Chinese food at the mall!

Sushi at Wabi Sabi (went here a bunch)

Bottoms Up Pizza in Richmond....

Mexican Pizza

Chesapeake Pizza - Crab on a pizza...Need I say more!!!

Peanut Butter Smore's Pizza

Creme Brulee

All of the above are from Bottoms Up Pizza

Our last date night in Virigina.  We went to The Bistro and Market and Grove.

If you are ever in the Petersburg, VA area you really should check these places out.  Great prices and super yummy food!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Don't Mess with the little kids!!!

I had seen this amazing art work on a website (not sure who created it but I give them unknown credit).

The area makes me think of Petersburg where we are living right now (well until tomorrow).  I have to say though...Don't mess with the little kids!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Please meet Abigail Mae

On July 2nd we had decided to take our 6 year old Lab to PetSmart on an outing.  We NEVER thought we would leave with another "dogter".  Once we walked into the store we could hear the sound of dogs carrying on.  I personal thought that they were holding some sort of class and that is where the noise was coming from.  Daniel , of course, headed towards the  Harleigh and I followed and when we got to where the noise was originating we were greeted with polite hellos from the volunteers of S.A.F.E.  Before that day I had never heard of S.A.F.E but I believe in what they stand for.  S.A.F.E. = Saving Animals From Euthanasia.  They told us they are there every Saturday with hopes of finding nice homes for the cats and dogs they had.  Well it did not take long for Daniel to fall in love with this little girl.  I of course was close to follow.  We took her to the back and let Har and her sniff it out and see how things would go and within just minutes they were playing.  This was such a happy sight to see!  We filled out the paper work and gladly brought this little bundle of joy home with us.  In less then a month she has proved to be a perfect match to our family.  Abigail Mae is full of life.  Her and her big sister, Harleigh, play so well and Harleigh has been teaching Abigail so much.  I am sure that I will be posting many more photos and stories about both of them so stay tuned for it :)


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