Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Boy I have been busy!

So let me tell you I have been so busy. My oldest is getting ready to graduate from High School. I cannot beleive it at all. Just seems like yesterday she was going to her first day in Kindergarten. Man how time flies. I will be sure to post pictures of her here very soon.

Now on to other items that have been keeping me very busy. One word...Fabric. Yes you heard me right fabric. I have had so much fun going out and buying fabric.

Do you see all of this yummy fabric. Well I dont just buy it for nothing. I have been making my bags. I have a couple of events coming up and I need to get the bags ready to go.

This is my "Jessie Bag".

I am going to have them in several colors.

I will post more pictures later of other things I have been doing. Such as organizing my fabric. Oh yes that was a true feat. Not finished yet but getting close.

Well I will allow you to process all of this and I am sure I will be back to bore you some more...


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