Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nothing New

I am just dropping in to say that I did not get the cake made today with my mother. I did manage to make it to the store and stood in line for over 30 minutes waiting to leave. I was so excited about the cake and we never had time to get to it. I am hopeful that tomorrow it will happen

I got them a hotel room and they are planning on coming over early in the morning for breakfast. Maybe after lunch I can pin my dear ol mother down to help guide me. Well that is what mothers are there for right? Who knows how it will all go. I am sure I will blog about it though.

Oh and if you seen the picture for this post...well I took that at a musuem in Abilene. I was lucky to go there for my Bday this year with my oldest daughter and my oldest sister. I guess now that I am saying this I should really post about that. It was a really great day.... Yes note to about Bday and post some of the fun pictures.

Oh and please dont think that I forgot what today is. So


That is for all the fathers, grand daddy's, Daddy and any man who plays a role in any childs life. I hope each and everyone of them has had a wonderful day.

Smiles :)

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