Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fisher, LA

Daniel and I went driving around the other day and ended up eating our lunch at a wonderful sandwich shop in Leesville called “Muffuletta”.  This is pronounced “muff-uh-LOT-uh”.  We had a terrific lunch and talked to the owner Dianne.  While we were talking she told us about a great little town up the road called Fisher.  Daniel and I decided to take the drive and check it out.

This is what Fisher looks like when you first turn the corner into it.  It has that Mayberry feel if you ask me.  Very quiet and the inhabitants here have no problem giving out friendly waves.  Once into the town we crossed over some railroad tracks and got to see an old store. 

This is now the home to a wonderful antique store.  Daniel and I walked around the store and were swept back to a time from the past.  The old saying is correct…time flies when you are having a good time.  We were in there looking at all of the treasures for over 2 hours.

At the store we talked to some very nice people.  This general area also has a restored post office (still in use), some old homes that are being restored, an old church and a theatre.  The theatre once had great legends such as Hank Williams Senior and Hank Williams Junior on its stage playing.  It is also said that Elvis too once performed there.  The people we talked to allowed to enter the theatre and look around.    I will post more pictures of that later.

This is the old town depot. 

Some have said that Fall is not seen here in the south but I happen to differ from that.  On the day Daniel and I were in Fisher I took this picture of this home right over the tracks.

Looks like fall to me!

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