Saturday, June 05, 2010

Meet Daphine

This is Daphine. I guess you can call her my Grand Dogter.

She is 3 months old.

This is Daphine and her mommy, Jessie.

More photos to come I am sure!

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Picnic time!

Picnic time! We had so much fun on our picnic. I sure enjoy eating outside. We went to Homer's Pond. My sister and I opted to sit on the ground on the blanket that I had made and the kids sat at the table. Funny how that worked out. It was a great day and the food was yummy!

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My daughter Jessica (not pictured :( ) introduced me to GeoCaching. It is this wonderful treasure hunt game. You look up GPS coordinates, head out and at the location you look for a Geo Cache!

Some are small and you jsut sign your user name (ours is caswebworks).

Some are larger ones with neat trinkets inside.

We went out for the day with my sister, her son, and my daughter. We had so much fun!

Happy Hunting!

***if you are also a geocacher please let me know I would love to hear about your experiences also***
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Hot Dogs!

I dont know about you but I just love hot dogs. In a town near to where we live they opened up a
dog house. It is Ed's Dog House. They have several different types of dogs. I took Amanda and Jake to get dogs one day.

Amanda got the Tex Mex - salsa, peppers and cheese...YUMMY!

Jake got the american dog - mustard only.

Ah the joy of hanging out with your cousin for the day!
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