Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hodge's Garden

Today We took a hike at Hodge's Garden state park. We set off and I had my new back pack for my camera all packed and ready to go (thanks A for getting it for me). I had my bottle of water, sunglasses, hiking boots and Hubby. We had so much fun. We found an old trail that is no longer used or mapped for use and we probably covered about 6 miles. We crossed over a creek, which hubby was kind enough to create a bridge for so i could cross easier...Thanks. We got turned around and for a bit we were lost, but all in all it was so much fun. While on the hike I did manage to take my camera out of the back pack once...when we came in contact with an armored opossum. I will admit I was a bit afraid. I thought it was going to attack.
Hubby on the other hand was bent down trying to call him over...silly men I swear.

None the less we are planning on returning for more hiking fun...maybe I will take more pictures. Guess we will have to see.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

When in Rome...well when in LA...

Well as the saying goes...

We have made up our minds that life is way to short to have regrets.  We set out to try new things with an open mind and empty belly (lol).  This held true to craw fish.

We moved to the south with the knowledge that Craw fish were a big thing here and we told ourselves we would try it.  So when a vendor showed up here on Post we pulled over and bought us some boiled craw fish.

We did not know what to expect but we tried it.

Daniel thought it was exciting and yummy!
Amanda not so much !!!

I know personally I loved it.  There are several places that sell craw fish out in town and we plan on trying them out.  I hope that I have the camera with me when we find a place to try.

Happy eating!

Happy Holidays

I guess you can never be way to late to wish everyone Happy Holidays. We ahve been so busy spending time together this year that I have not been very good at posting. I once again hope this will change.

This is a picture of our tree this year. Yep it looks kinda sad but it is what it is.

From our family to yours...Happy Holidays and we hope you have a safe New Year!


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