Thursday, February 10, 2011


Yesterday I said that I would share with you the ABC's of photography so here it is.

A: Angles
B: Backlit
C: Chronology
D: Diagonal Lines
E: Everyone
F: Frames
G: Groups
H: Hands
I: Individuals
J: Juxaposition
K: K-9's and Kittens
L: Little Details
M: Mirrors
N: Natural Light
O: Outdoors
P: Playtime
R: Reactions
S: Self-timer
T: Toys
U: "U"
V: Values
W: Weather
X: "X-treme" Close-up
Y: Youthfulness
Z: Zoom

I hope you enjoy this list. I challenge you to go through this alphabet and take a photo for each letter. As an incentive I will create something to give participants...not sure what it will be yet, maybe a digi kit or it could be a blog layout. I will post it later when I figure it what are you waiting for...go on get your cameras and start snapping those pictures!

I decided to create a new desktop for my computer. I thought I would share it with you.

If you would like to have it for yourself click on link and then right click on image and save as.  If you do download it please leave me some love.
Click here for desktop!!


WickedQueenTree said...

Clever and witty
I think the challenge may take a while, but would be fun to attempt...

WickedQueenTree said...

Challenge, huh?
Who can resist, it is such a clever list...
Thanks for the inspiration


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