Wednesday, May 18, 2011

OMG!!! It Has Been Awhile

Boy I have been super busy so sorry for not posting..lets see what has been going on...

My daughter came to visit us in Louisiana.  We had so much fun.  The above pic was taken while we were on an outing to the coast and getting in some alligator watching...woohoo so much fun.  I promise to post more pictures soon.

After she left and went back to Kansas we had to get super busy with packing.  Yep we are taking a bit of a holiday of sorts in VA for three months while hubby is attending school.  Super busy I tell you.  We are here now in beautiful Petersburg, VA.  There is so much history from this and surrounding areas, I am very excited to experience all I too!

I will be posting more later with kinda flash backs on what has been going on so check back often to read all about it :)


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