Thursday, June 23, 2011

S'mores Oatmeal - HG style!

Can you believe that this yummy goodness is oatmeal?  How about can you believe that it is around 300 calories? I have to admit that I was also very surprised.  When I first came across this recipe in the new cookbook I was shocked for several reasons...
1. who puts hot cocoa mix in oatmeal,
2. who would put marshmallows in their oatmeal, and
3. Graham crackers - really!

I am a newbie to cooking oatmeal but low and behold it is quite simple (just takes about 15 minutes).
The recipe calls for a diet hot cocoa mix (25 calories), almond milk vanilla flavored, old fashioned oats, marshmallows, graham cracker, chocolate chips.

Put it all together and you have yourself a delicious treat.  When we had it for the first time I felt like I was consuming a bowl of fresh cook pudding.  I am a sucker for warm chocolate pudding.


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